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In our modern scientific age, a vast amount of spiritual knowledge has seemingly disappeared. However, the truth cannot be hidden for long, and there are many mysterious things taking place in our world that science cannot explain.

Regrettably there is also a lot of misinterpretation of knowledge; however the only way you can differentiate is to be guided by your inner voice. You should trust your gut instinct, that if something feels right for you, and then it is. Be in tune by working closely with your intuition and you will be able to guide, protect and balance yourself mental—think it, emotional—feel it, spiritual—believe it and physical—do it better.

An aspect of ancient knowledge which, has been revived is the technique of using colours to reveals potential information about our inner selves and helps us to understand the deeper reasons for why we have misunderstandings and difficulties in key relationships and events. Using the ancient colour technique will completely analyse your personality and character helping you to know yourself through colour. The five areas covered show:

  • What are your hidden talents that you have come into this life with? And are you achieving clarity and benefiting from them?

  • Which abilities do you need to be effectively working with in this lifetime? When you work with your capabilities they will make your life journey more straightforward.

  • Do you know your inner self, your inner potential? Your consultation will show you whether or not you are using your abilities to their strengths

  • Discover your true path and understand which abilities are achievable. Harness these colour qualities and work with them as your life purpose

  • This colour consultation is not to predict the future. Instead it offers ideas and suggestions which will provide you with a clearer insight into your own life and the events surrounding you. These insights will be able to help you take responsibility for your life rather than passively accepting a false fate or destiny.

With this knowledge you will be able to have balance in all areas of your life following the guidance of  “June Balance Wheel”.

You can use the balance wheel to help you keep your focus daily.

Everyone thinks of changing the world but no one thinks of changing themselvesLeo Tolstoy

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