Only You Can Change You

One-to-One Bespoke Holistic Transformation

The four day Transformation Programme is an intensive, life changing holistic programme designed to help you overcome anything in your life that is holding you back, so that you can achieve your desired goals and outcomes. This programme works in conjunction with your “Journey to Destiny Consultation and June’s Balance Wheel.

Why invest in the Transformational Programme?

There are times in your life when we when you are not sure what to do and how to achieve your goals and aspirations. Not knowing which direction to take, what choices to make, you lack the motivation to fulfil your potential.

By investing in ‘You’ is your first step in transforming and improving your life. You are the most significant aspect of your life. Put yourself first—YOU deserve it.

What exactly is the Transformational Programme?

The transformation is carried out over four days where your issues are identified and resolved so that you reach your full potential. This is different for every individual and, depending on what specifically you want to achieve, you and I work to clearly align your thinking and values to your goals.

We do this using a combination of fact-finding discussion, eliciting your values (what’s important to you and what motivates you) in the key areas of your life Creating Your Future® techniques and approve methods and restore your power and confidence to create the future you deserve by you taking charge of your circumstances without feeling angry, sad, fearful, hurt or guilty.

Creating Your Future® Techniques

These are extremely powerful coaching techniques that change your thinking and behavioral patterns, allowing you to remove negative emotional baggages, and limiting beliefs.

Creating Your Future® focuses on clearing the five key negative emotions that stop you from transforming your life and achieving your goals:

Anger – when released you can have peace of mind, a healthy lifestyle and freedom from stress, bitterness and tension.

Sadness – when released you find inner peace, joy and happiness in your life; you will radiate and attract positive feelings from those around you.  

Fear – releasing fear allows you to open up a new world where you are in control of your own destiny.  

Hurt – when released you can understand that you can take control of your emotions; you can choose who you want in your life to create positive, healthy, lasting relationships.   

Guilt – when released your character will bloom and you can start to have a healthy relationship with yourself and those around you.  

How does it work?

“Create Your Future learning’s from an event, which will allow you to let go of those emotions and provide new resources for dealing with similar situations in the future. You will be able to stop and evaluate your circumstances and emotions before making decisions in your life, therefore achieving your desired outcomes whilst maintaining a healthy life balance in your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical world.

It is a content-free process, which means that it is not focused on discussing and associating specific past events, which can often be unpleasant or even traumatic. The benefit of this is that it is a very comfortable process which will leave you feeling lighter, as though a weight has been lifted from you.

Your Fourth day is Well-Being and Make-Over Day

Your fourth day will complete your holistic transformation programme it is designed to improve your well-being. You will have sessions on relaxation and wellness therapies to support you in de-stressing so you can maintain a balance stress level and healing to improve your overall health.

Your make-over is where you will experience a full image, colour, and make-up analysis which will assist you in developing a fresh new look – learn how to select styles that suit your lifestyle, personality and flatter your body shape as well as learning how to dress appropriately with confidence whether it’s for business or a social occasion.

To find out more about JC Wellness four day Transformational Program, or to book an initial consultation, contact June now.

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