Make 2017 even BIGGER and BETTER

Twelve Simple Tips to Balance your Mind, Body and Spirit

Here is a list of twelve simple things for you to consider incorporating into your mind, body and spirit regularly:

  1. Activities – find an activity you enjoy, whether it is playing an instrument, a craft or exercising, start today.
  2. Gratitude – think about all the things you have and appreciate them.
  3. Sleep – a good night’s sleep is an essential key to staying healthy.  A restful sleep equals a better performance the next day.
  4. Breathe deeply – stop and take a deep breath when the thought comes to you.  Breathing deeply will become a healthy habit.
  5. Drinking water – adequate and regular water consumption has a number of health benefits.
  6. Eat organic – how foods are grown or raised can affect your health and the environment.
  7. Yoga – yoga is great for your mind and body, you will begin to experience a sense of calm and wellbeing.
  8. Smile – smiling is contagious and it feels great ☺
  9. Loved ones – spend as much time as you can with loved ones.
  10. Your passion – whatever you love and feel passionate about do more of it.
  11. Meditate – set some time aside each day to meditate.
  12. Nutrition – include plenty of dark leafy vegetables. Dark leafy vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll.

And remember…have the courage to follow your dreams

Setting regular goals is an empowering way to create the life of your dreams, rather than floating along at the mercy of external events and circumstances.


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