Love Crystals

Love is the most powerful energy of all, and is the foundation of the universe.   A love crystal can help you to overcome two of the greatest obstacles of all, loving yourself and having the ability to love, so read on for more information about these powerful stones!

Everyone should practice self-acceptance and self- forgiveness. When you love yourself, your heart becomes receptive to love, and the way is open to attracting a soulmate, restoring a broken friendship, nurturing a new relationship, and improving your ability to interact with everyone around you.  Unless you fully love yourself, have self-esteem and self worth, it is harder to attract someone who truly loves and respects you.

Your love crystal will help to open your heart. 

There are a number of crystals associated with love, whether you are looking to attract love, rekindle the romance or heal from a broken heart, Rose Quartz holds

the strongest love energy. Malachite is another powerful love crystal as it stimulates and balances the heart chakra. It carries an inspiring and purifying healing energy that opens your heart to all types of love. Both pink and green Aventurine are also powerful heart chakra stones. They fill your heart with love, happiness and optimism. Green Jade attracts love, romance and harmonious relationships. It is an abundance stone, which also helps to harmonise your heart chakra.


Ways to use to Love Crystals…

Healing from past relationships can take an extremely long time, but if you actively work on it, the process moves quicker. Lay with a Rose Quartz stone on your chest, close your eyes and deepen your breath. Reflect on the relationship that ended. Ask yourself, what lesson did that person bring into my life to teach me? Remember, you must not be resentful, but rather forgiving and open to learning from the relationship in order to heal.  Dig deeper, what was that person meant to teach you—maybe it was boundaries, confidence or self-growth. When you discover what they were there to show you, your perception of the other person shifts and you can forgive and release them, grow and move forward to finding your best self and best partner.

Being in a loving relationship requires constant growth, communication and connection.  Fostering the connection between partners is the key for happiness within a relationship. 

In a seated position, hold the Rose Quartz stone in your hands and close your eyes. While harnessing the energy of Rose Quartz love, think about all the ways your partner loves and supports you. Then think about all of the ways you can be more loving towards them. Where can your connection deepen? What things are holding you back from maintaining that electric connection you had in the first weeks of dating? Work with the Rose Quartz daily and continue to reflect on these questions. Relationships take constant connection, so offering yourself each morning to discover exactly how you can be present and loving in the relationship that day will greatly improve your love.

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