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“Inspire You To Be You”

Greetings and welcome to JC Wellness.  If you have reached a stage in your life where you need guidance, support and motivation to transform your life—I can help by offering you a holistic approach to transforming your life through the amazing and dynamic life-changing programmes.

Who am I?

I am June Crandon

Certified Wellness Transformation Consultant—My exclusive range of services is created with you in mind by supporting you to define and achieve your life goals, improve your well-being and find inner balance.

As a woman I have experienced the difficulties of life.  I know what it feels like to be lost but also the wonderful feeling of breaking the wheel of negative, procrastination and becoming myself. My aim is to enable you to create and develop your identity and self-confidence so you can excel and find completeness and stability in all areas of your life.

  • Think it

    Learn how to perceive and comprehend issues, and develop the techniques to form positive thought patterns and release negative ones.

  • Feel it

    Develop the ability to take control of your emotions by choosing who you want in your life to create positive, healthy, lasting relationships emotionally to self, people, and events.

  • Believe it

    Understand what faith means for you and how to nurture your faith to believe in yourself, and your sense of wellness and intuition.

  • Do it better

    Learn new skills to manage your well-being and how you communicate with the physical world around you to achieve your desired outcome

Self Acceptance, Self-discipline  & Balance?

You can achieve your aspirations if you recognise that you have the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding to take the first steps towards fulfilling your highest potential as a woman; by anchoring and balancing yourself in the practice of self-discipline and self acceptance to achieve wholeness and balance. Only then can “You be You”.

Change Your Destiny & Transform your Life


Journey to Destiny Consultation—One hour online session.

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Journey to Destiny Programmes—The programmes work in conjunction with your “Journey to Destiny Consultation”.

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One-to-One Bespoke Holistic Transformation Coaching—Powerful life changing four-days Programme held in the Caribbean or the UK.

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